Digitalis lanata/D. purpurea*

Digitalis lanata  Flowers JWB12

Red Buttle Garden. (2014). Grecian Foxglove. Retreievd from:

Botanical Name: Digitalis lanata / D. purpurea
Common name: Foxglove
Family: Plantaginaceae (Natural Standard, 2014)
Parts used: Leaves (Natural Standard, 2014)

History: The herb was traditionally used externally to treat swelling, sores and ulcers (Natural Standard, 2014). The modern drug digoxin is extracted from the Foxglove plant (Natural Standard, 2014)

Constituents: Cardiac glycosides (Hoffmann, 1990, p. 139)


  • Heart tonic (Hoffmann, 1990, p. 26)
  • Effector (Hoffmann, 2003, p. 36)


*Traditional Indications

  • Heart failure (Hoffmann, 1990, p. 26)
  • Arrhythmia (Natural Standard, 2014)
  • Oedema (Natural Standard, 2014)


Cautions & Contraindications: Constituents of Foxglove accumulate in the body and can lead to poisoning (Hoffmann, 1990, p. 26)


*This herb is scheduled in Australia (Australian Government, 2014, p. 77)

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