Salvia officinalis


Botanical Name: Salvia officinalis
Common name: Sage
Family: Lamiaceae (Hoffmann, 2003, p. 580)
Parts used: Leaf (Hoffmann, 2003, p. 580)



  • Volatile oils: a- and b-thujone, cineole borneol and Camphor
  • Diterpene bitters: Picrosalvin (canosol) and Carnosolic acid
  • Flavonoids: Salvigenin, Genkwanin, 6-methoxygenkawanin, Hipidulin and Luteolin A
  • Phenolic acids: Rosmarinic, Caffeic and Labiatic
  • Salviatannin

(Hoffmann, 2003, p. 580)



  • Carminative
  • Antispasmodic
  • Anti-microbial
  • Astringent
  • Anti-inflammatory

(Hoffmann, 2003, p. 580)



  • Inflammation of mouth, throat and tonsils(Hoffmann, 2003, p. 580)
  • Useful mouthwash in following conditions
    • Gingivitis
    • Glossitis
    • Stomatitis
    • Aphthous ulcers
    • Laryngitis
    • Pharyngitis
    • Tonsilitis (Hoffmann, 2003, p. 580)
  • Promotes wound healing (compress) (Hoffmann, 2003, p. 580)
  • Dyspepsia (Hoffmann, 2003, p. 580)
  • Decreases sweating (Hoffmann, 2003, p. 580)


Preparation & Dosage

  • Mouthwash: 2 tsp leaf in 0.5L water, bring to boil, let stand (covered) for 15mins. Gargle warm infusion deeply several times a day (as needed).
  • Tincture: (1:5) 2-4mL/tds
  • Infusion: 1-2tsp/tds
  • Compress

(Hoffmann, 2003, p. 580)



Excessive or long term use may cause tachycardia, hot flushes, convulsions and dizziness due to thujone intoxication (Hoffmann, 2003, p. 580)



Should be avoided during pregnancy and lactation as it traditionally has been used for stimulating the muscles of the uterus and lessens the production of milk flow(Hoffmann, 2003, p. 580)


Hoffmann, D. (2003). Medical Herbalism: The Science and Practice of Herbal Medicine. Rochester Vermont: Healing Arts Press.

Image: Thorntom, R. (1810). Robert Thornton Botanical Extracts. Retrieved from:

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