Nepeta hereracea / Gelnchoma hederacea

Glechoma hederacea

Haughton, C. (2013). Ground Ivy. Retrieved from:


Latin binomial: Nepeta hereracea / Gelnchoma hederacea
Common name: Ground ivy (Hoffmann, 1990, p. 205)
Other names: Alehoof, Cat’s foot, Gill-over-the-ground (Strauss, Brigham, Ceurvels & Giese, 2013)
Family: Lamiacea (Strauss et al., 2013)
Parts used: Aerial parts (Hoffmann, 1990, p. 205)


  • High phenol content
  • Triterpenoids: ursolic acid and oleanic acid
  • Leaves contain polyunsaturated fatty acids and gleheda, a powerful insecticidal lectin
  • Flavonoids
  • 1,8-cineole,
  • Alpha-pinene,
  • Apigenin,
  • Beta-sitosterol,
  • Borneol,
  • Caffeic acid,
  • Ferulic acid
  • Hyperoside
  • Luteolin,
  • Menthol
  • Oleanolic acid,
  • Rosmarinic acid
  • Rutin
  • *Fresh ground ivy contains significantly less fatty acid when compared to the air-dried herb
    (Strauss et al., 2013)



    • Anticatarrhal
    • Astringent
    • Diuretic
    • Expectorant
    • Vulnerary

    (Hoffmann, 1990, p. 205)

    In clinical and animal studies, ground ivy has also demonstrated anti-inflammatory and antibiotic activity (Strauss et al., 2013).



    Traditionally the herb was used for tinnitus, catarrh, diarrhoea, bile disorders and haemorrhoids (Strauss et al., 2013).

    Hoffmann states that traditional indications include:

    • Catarrhal conditions (in both sinus and chest)
    • Coughs and bronchitis (in combination)
    • Catarrhal of middle ear (tinnitus)
    • Diarrhoea and haemorrhoids
    • Cystitis (1990, p. 205)


    Preparation & Dosage

    Infusion: 1tsp dried herb/1 cup water/tds (Hoffmann, 1990, p. 205)


    Cautions & Contradictions

    • Possibly unsafe in individuals with
    • Impaired liver or kidney function
    • Seizure disorders
    • Individuals taking anticoagulants or oral contraceptives

    (Strauss et al., 2013)



    Hoffmann suggests that in the case of bronchitis and coughs, Nepeta works better combined with other remedies.

    Coughs: Combine with Coltsfoot, White Horehound and Elecampane.

    Sinus catarrh: Combine with Golden Rod (1990, p. 205).



    Strauss, R., Brigham, A., Ceurvels, J., & Giese, N. (2013). Ground ivy (Glechoma hederacea). Natural Standard Professional Monograph. Retrieved from:

    Hoffmann, D. (1990). Holistic Herbal. London: Thorsons

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